Понеділок, 22 січня, 2018
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How fruits and vegetables exporters can organize their work to be successful?

The realities of modern economy are such that it is much easier to organize the production of something, than to sell it. Sales, in fact, cause a lot of problems – and fruits and vegetables exporters know about this firsthand. The difficulties they face can be reduced mainly to:

Seasonality of demand (fruit import companies are active only a few months of the year);
Inability to examine the demand in different countries in the same effective way;
The complexity of storage, appearing in a case when it is impossible to sell fruits and vegetables at once or within a few days.

Let us explain. The sector of the international food market where transactions in fruits and vegetables occur is always active. But it is arranged in such way that fruits and vegetables exporters are forced to wander from country to country with their products – following the autumn and winter, when demand for fruits and vegetables is the greatest.
Because of the language barrier, fruits and vegetables exporters are not always able to study the demand for particular items of their price lists in detail. So, sometimes they just have to work blindly.
Finally, if the fruit import companies are not found, then the complexity of storage forces the exporter to lower the price until it reaches the cost price, or even less.

Is it possible to cope with the complexities and sell fruit and vegetables?

Yes. It is easy. Most of the problems in practice, can be solved not by the notorious “quality management system” and not by increase in the number of sales managers, but by the search for one or more specialized resources, where trade in fruits and vegetables could be all year round.
And these resources exist, and not only here, in Latvia, but also in neighboring countries.

As a result:

  • Fruits and vegetables exporters receive a permanent, stable and reliable product market, which does not depend on the weather and time of year in our hemisphere;
  • There is no need to study the demand – it is here and now, it is so dynamic that we can assume for sure – any batch of fruits and vegetables can be sold within a couple of days;
  • Finally, neither the exporter nor the importer has any problems with the storage, because a necessary party to such resources is always a group of shippers, which is immediately ready to ship anything, anywhere.

And this is when the exporter understands where the real trade – for months and years – is, sticking to the resource and completely forgetting about the fact that some time ago he had to study the demand in practice.